Muara Karang 720MW Power Plant

Muara Karang Gas Power Plant Project is a combined cycle power plant for the development of two new gas turbines and boilers providing steam energy to drive three existing refurbished steam turbines. Located within an existing power station in north Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, it was critical for the Owner, Indonesia state energy administration, PT. PLN (Persero), that power supplies to the grid were not interrupted during the construction process.

An unique feature was that the new gas turbines had to be brought into service before the old oil fired boilers could be decommissioned and demolished and the second combined cycle stage started.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engaged Tebeton to support the planning and supervision of the civil scope of the works. Extremely poor soil conditions had to be improved to support the required loads. This was achieved by improving the condition of the top three meters of existing soil by mixing stabilizing agent and consolidation. Both technical and scheduling targets were met.

In order to deliver the gas turbines, generators and transformers on time and prevent damage to existing infrastructure, it was decided to construct a temporary jetty to offload the equipment directly off a barge. The jetty was designed and constructed in a period of 100 days using a combination of pre-casting and in-situ works.